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Flex Plex

The Flex Plex is designed for applications that cannot accommodate a large crate. It can be used with our nine standard coating options formulated to fit your application requirements. The Flex Plex is an acrylic, lightweight rear projection screen that ships in a roll. Coatings are permanently bonded to the substrate and cannot peel off.

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  • Ships in a roll
  • Includes frame, mounting t-track and trim
  • Larger sizes available upon request up to 107" high x 298" wide viewable

DA-50 WA

Half Angle: 43° Gain: 0.5

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DA-75 WA

Half Angle: 78° Gain: 0.75

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DA-100 WA

Half Angle: 52° Gain: 1.0

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Half Angle: 35° Gain: 1.0

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Half Angle: 34° Gain: 1.3

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Half Angle: 32° Gain: 1.5

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Half Angle: 30° Gain: 1.8

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Half Angle: 25° Gain: 2.3

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Video Vision

Half Angle: 55° Gain: 1.0

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