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The Da-Glas is a glass rigid rear projection screen with eight coating options formulated to fit your application requirements. The Da-Glas is a rigid rear projection screen, and coatings are permanently bonded to the substrate and cannot peel off.

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  • Standard sizes up to 10’ high X 20’ wide
  • Four factory framing options available: Base, Deluxe, Standard, and Self-Trimming
  • Larger sizes available upon request


Light Baffles

Light Baffles are designed to make projecting several images on one screen easy. Zero Gap Baffles can be used for edge-to-edge image application, and result in projected images that match seamlessly with no visible gap between the screen panels or light spilling over on the adjacent panels. T-Mullion Baffles can be used when a small amount of space between projected images is desired.


Red Laser Pointers

Red laser pointers for presentations.


Green Laser Pointers

Green laser pointers for presentations in bright rooms or in rear projection settings where a red laser may not work as well.


RF PowerPoint Remote with Green Laser Pointer

PowerPoint remote and laser pointer is for training, classroom or conference settings.

DA-50 WA

Half Angle: 60° Gain: 0.5

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DA-75 WA

Half Angle: 78° Gain: 0.75

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DA-100 WA

Half Angle: 52° Gain: 1.0

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Half Angle: 35° Gain: 1.0

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Half Angle: 34° Gain: 1.3

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Half Angle: 32° Gain: 1.5

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Half Angle: 30° Gain: 1.8

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Half Angle: 25° Gain: 2.3

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Video Vision

Half Angle: 55° Gain: 1.0

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