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Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System

The Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe Screen System features a heavier 3-1/2” wide by 1-1/4” thick frame system for a more durable design and is for rental and staging environments. It features easy release latches on the frame for efficient set up and tear down.

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  • Frame and legs made of 3 1/2” X 1 ¼” thick aluminum tubing
  • Easy release latches
  • Standard black-backed foldable material for superior image quality and opacity
  • Seamless viewing surfaces up to 16’ high
  • Carrying case with wheels for sizes 7’ X 9’ up to 16’ X 27’ 6”
  • Optional Drapery Presentation Kit for professional stage-front aesthetic

Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe and Truss Drapery Presentation Kits

Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe and Truss Drapery Presentation Kits care box pleated and attach with snaps to Fast-Fold screens to give a finished aesthetic.


Fast-Fold Skirt

Fast-Fold® Skirts for Deluxe, Heavy Duty Deluxe and Truss screens.


Fast-Fold Drapery Masking Panels

The Fast-Fold® drapery panels mask from an HDTV viewing area to NTSC video format or 16:10 wide format.


Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe Repair Kit

Includes everything needed to repair Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe Frames in the field.


Green Laser Pointers

Green laser pointers for presentations in bright rooms or in rear projection settings where a red laser may not work as well.


Red Laser Pointers

Red laser pointers for presentations.


RF PowerPoint Remote with Green Laser Pointer

PowerPoint remote and laser pointer is for training, classroom or conference settings.


16' - Maximum height seamless.

Half Angle: 60° Gain: 1.0

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Dual Vision

16' - Maximum height seamless.

Half Angle: 65° Gain: 0.9

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Ultra Wide Angle

16' - Maximum height seamless.

Half Angle: 78° Gain: 0.65

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16' - Maximum height seamless.

Half Angle: 30° Gain: 1.3

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High Contrast Da-Tex

16' - Maximum height seamless.

Half Angle: 40° Gain: 1.0

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