Times and formats change, but projection screens have been around for decades. The best way to communicate has always been with a big picture. Until large flat panel TVs entered the picture. All of a sudden, the big picture got smaller. What do you do? The customer is always right…until they aren’t happy because they can’t see the supporting data, and the big problem-solving ideas. You explained that their conference room needs a bigger display, but your customer wants a flat panel anyway - in spite of your concerns and the math.

As resolution increases with HD, Ultra HD and 4K technology, the display should not decrease in size. Higher resolution translates into smaller pixels. That is why a 10 or 12 pt. font is legible on a lower resolution display, but too small in HD. 

A room that is 17’ deep needs a 100” diagonal. A room that is 20’ deep needs a 120” diagonal. A room that is 25’ deep needs a 150” diagonal.

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